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General Cutlass SX455 Q&A

Did anyone see this one on eBay?
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Hi Greg, congrats on your purchase. That OAI hood that is on your car is one of the better reproductions out there. It's not exactly Thorntons quality, but better than most currently available. I have heard of several people using them with decent results. Keep that in mind when you go to sell it.
Glad to see whenever any classic car or truck goes to a new home, with a motivated owner, than end up in the scrap yard. Esp. these under-recognized gems of the 70s muscle car era.

I watch and attend a lot of auctions, from Mecum and Barrett-Jackson to local estate sales, and have seen more Mustangs, Vettes, 442s, Chevelles and GTOs for sale than SXs, or even Cutlass Supremes.

I was watching that ad with one of those "maybe" ideas to get another one and work on it for the missus. She actually drove a GTO in high school, but said she would go with an SX if I can find one and fix it up for her. Actually, I'd really like to find a '69 GTO, fix it up and have it painted to match the one she had in HS.

Congrats on your buy and best wishes on the project. Please keep us updated.
My name is Greg Myers. I purchased the car in question. It is now in the registry. The car is a true SX. All numbers matching L-33 car.Gold on Gold on Gold. Runs like a champ. Has steel framed ram air hood/will change- I plan on putting it back to original.
I was watching, but suffered a broken leg and lost track of it. It was sold before I was able to get back on the computer. One description says Rocket 350 and one says numbers matching 455.

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