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General Cutlass SX455 Q&A

front coil springs
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Do you know the Moog #,I got a pair of Moog that was 16 inches and another from Precision same height. My friend at the parts store has crossed referenced different brands and can't find the 17 1/2 inch .
I have same car and I used Moog
I have seen much discussion on this subject in various forums and most of what I've read points towards the springs available from Inline Tube are the best to get to duplicate factory ride height. Most tend to say that the Moog springs sit too high. There's always Eaton Spring in Detroit that you can get anything from and customize them if you wish. Just google "Eaton Spring".
I'm having a hard time finding front coil springs for my 71 SX convertible. They're 17 1/2 inches tall with 3 1/2 inch diameter, any ideas.

thanks John Rose
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