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General Cutlass SX455 Q&A

71 Convertible restoration photos
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Thank you Alan, I also enjoyed the discussion,es will keep updating as the project progress.
Just wanted to say that it was a pleasure speaking to you on the phone last night. Funny how an hour and a half can fly by with two SX enthusiasts talking to each other. Please keep the group informed of your progress with pictures as you come to the finishing stage of the project. Thank you again.
I have heard of one other 71 having been built with the 72 support but it was a late build of 7D, Last week of July. March would seem early compared to that one. Can't wait to see your car as it progresses through this restoration. IT was very nice before, I can only imagine how nice it's going to be when you're done.
Without having the codes in front of me I think it was O3C which should correspond to the 3rd week of March
I suppose it could be just that, and I probably shouldn't have jumped the gun without asking the build date of your car. I just assumed it had been changed because the pictures of your car show that all the front end trim was also swapped from a 1972. How late of a build date is your car so I can keep the info for reference?
I found out why you think I need to change out the core support, the indents by the light housing. I found out that the later 71 core supports used the 72 since they were in the process of changing the grills and need the indents. Oldsmobile used up the stock of 71's without the indent and rather then do another run they switched to the 72 brackets to finish up the production. So in fairness this is the original bracket for the car.
Ok I give, I haven't had the car since new, but to my knowledge the car hasn't been in any major accident and everything I've researched says the 71 & 72 used the same support. I have the assembly manual and the support assembly in the manual looks the same. Why do you think it's a 72?
If you are going for a concours restoration, you may want to change that 72 radiator support for a 71 while you in there.
Once all body work is done goes on rotisserie

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