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General Cutlass SX455 Q&A

this is Tom I registered this car my SX supposedl...
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Both are for sale, kill two birds with one stone. Both cars are matching numbers cars. The SX is a w-32 with a lot of documentation (partial build sheet, proteco-plate, and copy of the window sticker) with all sorts of maintenance records. The GTO Judge is a real liberty blue judge with a window sticker and all original equipment, nothing added. If you are interested email me. ( I want to get a 67-68 shelby ) Jim
Been going through old auto graveyards, back yards, barns and sheds and picking parts and bones and it's always a part of the game to do the "is it a real..." or not. Was it born that way? Been on the trail of natural born SD455s and genuine GSX models for a year now. Been looking around for either a restoreable Cutlass or SX for the missus, but she had a GTO in high school and said she would prefer one of those. In the end, whether I'm the buyer or the seller, one of the important things for me is honesty. Be up front and honest about what you have, what you're looking for and expect the same. Honesty and openness goes a long way to help keep the hobby clean. JMHO.

I wouldn't say that the mis-placed emblem is a big red flag. It could just be that a body shop didn't know what they were doing when the car was painted. I've seen that happen several times on other brands too, not just SX models. I'd be more focused on other details such as engine and transmission codes being correct and matching the car. The fender bolts are a good first step assuming your car is a hardtop, not a convertible. The only real way to tell is with paperwork--I'm guessing you don't have access to it. Good luck and have fun with the car!
My email feed shows the first part of your message about under the hood. A lot of cosmetics can be misplaced or misapplied when they go back on after a resto or paint, etc. I'd put more faith in a structural item than a trim piece to try and ID a make or a model when the VIN doesn't have special designations for dealer installed packages or aftermarket mods that are extremely collectible today.
This is my first Olds, but have owned many Camaros, Trans Ams, Mopars, Mustangs, Mercs, Healeys, MGs, VWs, kit cars and so on. Have bought and sold many "bones" and frames and parts. Even without the motor and skin, structural parts or mods have helped umpteen times to rule in or rule out whether something is a genuine model or not.

Sorry but you SX emblem is a big red flag, The correct location is under the first s in Cutlass, see some of the owners cars. I have a 71 red convertible that shows a close up of the emblem.
Apparently, whoever applied that emblem had no clue as to what an SX is supposed to look like.
I was cut off but I was going to end with the SX is under the c for Cutlass on my passenger side I don't know if that's a big red flag or not thanks Tom

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