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Need Help With Possible Cutlass SX
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Thanks very much for your feedback!
Ahhh, you are in a common dilemma Harold. Unfortunately, in 1970 without any paperwork to document its SX pedigree, and with the correct configuration of engine and trans available as stand alone options, there is no sure fire method of determining if it is or isn't an original SX. Fortunately, in 1971, factory literature states that the L-32 engine and T-400 trans were available in the Cutlass Supreme only as part of the Y-79 SX performance package.

The first thing that is absolutely necessary, is to verify the VIN# is stamped into both the engine block and the transmission. Once the engine & trans combination is verified, the only other features different to an SX would be the cutout rear bumper (which I assume this car has), the two fender emblems (which are clearly placed in the wrong locations), and chrome hubcaps (which nobody has or cares about).

As to your other concerns about trunk lid and seats leaning? The trunk lid appears correct as the regular 2 door hardtop lids square corners would not fit in there at all. The picture of the seat doesn't really show much of what is leaning. It could be as simple as the plastic cover is not attached properly, or maybe just heavy people sat in it too long. The worse case scenario would be the seat track is bent or falling through a rotted floor (both highly unlikely). You just got to look at it and see for yourself.

As far as cloning back in 1982? Although the term wasn't used, yes, people were adding different emblems to different cars back then. Many Chevelles turned into SS's, Le-Mans into GTO's, Skylarks into GS's, Mustangs into Mach 1's and so forth. It was not uncommon at all.

Overall, your description of this cars life makes it seem like it is a really nice car, SX emblem or not. If the price is right, and it suits your fancy, sounds like a good one.
Considering a possible 1971 Cutlass SX, same owner since 1982 (vehicle kept in climate storage). Vin #34267M220871 (picture distorted) and cowl tag attached, numbers matching. No paperwork to confirm SX (window sticker nor order form Lansing, MI car so no build sheet. Viking blue, L32 engine 455 cu/in. 320 h.p., 3.08 rear end ratio.

My concerns:SX Emblem improperly displayed, trunk caps on both side (is that normal, or it has the incorrect trunk), both front seats appear to be leaning lower towards the floor (is that normal, or some type of adjustment needed).

The owner is an older man selling a collection of his cars through a cosignment shop. I am puzzled as to the placement of SX emblems. In 1982 he purchased it from the Auburn Auction and the car is originally from Arizonia. Hard to believe they were cloning during that time.


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