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General Cutlass SX455 Q&A

Just got this car..and verified block and tranny m...
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Going over the attached picture which shows a list of all the items that were to be on the Y79 option.
Exterior: check..even all the moldings. And rear bumper is the cutouts for exhaust which still have the trumpet tips...the bumper bolts are hardcore rusted on..which tells,me the have been on a long time

Interior: check...even the dome light and side sail panel lights..still working

Power train...check....but wonder if I got the W32 365hp due,to the original tranny plate is an OG and not an OD

Tranny:.....check....but the tranny plate say OG...which was for the W32 365 HP.

Brakes.....check....thou it appears I do have the option JL2 option with front disk.


It also has the extra fender bolts on each side by the hood hinges.
..i even got the 1970 licence plates for the car..Ohio

Don't know what else to check to verify.....i do love the green color exterior with the white vinyl to follow in the coming days.

3- Oldsmobile
4257- Cutlass Supreme Hardtop
TR 972- ??? Seats configuration and color
48- Sherwood green paint
A - White Vinyl top--- Very unusual for Sherwood Green paint
04A- First week in April
B85- window sill trim included Vinyl top covering

Hopefully someone can decode the seat configuration
Hello Douglas, i do not believe you will be able to find a build sheet as Lansing cars the build sheets were removed and disposed of when they rolled down the assembly line. You are on the right track verifying your SX. Please post pictures when you can.
Damn auto correct:
Cowl tag reads:
ST 70 34257LAN408291 BDY
TR 972 48A PNT
04A B85
Damn auto correct:
Cowl tag reads:
ST 70 34257LAN408291 BDY
TR 972 48A PNT
04A B85
Also cowl tag reads:
ST70 34257LAN408291 HEY
RE 972 48. A NOT
04A B85

Just got this car..and verified block and tranny match vin. 342570M308292

The tranny is in the trunk...side plate says OG in lieu of that mean it is the W32 365 engine in it? Tranny stamp says 308292 also

I verified block numbers match ..yes a small dental mirror does works..thou NOT easy....
Stamped 308292 on the little area.

Engine block code stamp says 306021 F..the head stamp is stamped with an "E"

Have not checked behind back seat yet or under gas tank to hopefully find build sheet..have also heard it could possible be behind the drivers seat back.
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