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General Cutlass SX455 Q&A

1970 Cutlass SX Value
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If I get it repainted, would going back to the original sherwood green color increase value or would it not matter at this point? Yes it has the rear exhaust cut outs and am certain it is an SX because it is all original, numbers matching, and we have talked to the previous owners. Also we have some of the original paperwork but do not have the build sheet.
Never mind Didn't see them in the other rear shots.
Does the rear bumper have the cutouts for the trumpet exhaust tips, all sx came with it.
By your description you have what was referred to as the boulevard cruiser, 2bl as opposed to the 4. The site has a price guide for review. I did notice the rust spot by the back window so a repaint, in my opinion is needed. By changing from the factory color to white hurts the value, it doesn't have many of the options that a lot of the SX's, so the fair price would probably fit best.

More pictures


Thank you for your reply Mark. Here are a few more pictures. It was hard to take any real good ones because it is currently sitting waiting for the tank to get back. 

Hi Nathan. Any chance you could post a few additional pics of the sides of the car and the back? Maybe inside the trunk and the motor as well. Do you have any ORIGINAL documentation on the car? In order to even come close to a guess on the value members of this Forum would need much more detailed info. What is the condition of the body, floors, trunk floor, etc..  The more details the better.
Hello everyone, I am new to the site and excited to purchase my first Cutlass SX. I am in the process of purchasing a 1970 Cutlass SX from a family member of mine that is looking to get rid of it. I am looking to learn as much as I can about this car but this is what I know about it so far. The person I am getting it from is the 3rd owner and he purchased it in 1990, although it has been sitting in his garage for the last twenty years. It has the original 455 2barrel. We had it looked over and were able to drive it temporarily and it ran great. It is currently getting the original gas tank restored. It is all original, numbers matching with 58,000 miles and has all documents of service to go with it. The rear bumper has some rust but the body and everything else is all very clean, because it has been sitting in a garage, also it was sprayed with Ziebart back in the day. The original color was sherwood green with a black vinyl top I believe, but the second owner had it painted white. Now the paint is not in the greatest shape and is flacking in a few places. Also will need new tires and some other general maintenance.

What we are both trying to figure out is what it is worth currently. Thank you

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