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General Cutlass SX455 Q&A

Real Cutlass SX 1971?
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All 71 SX came with the Rochester 4bl they did away with the 2v around 8/70
There lies your problem. An SX is really a 442 without the badges. Much like Buick did with the grand national and T-type in 87,Olds pulled a fast one on the insurance companies by listing it as a v8 2barrel cutlass. But for all intents and purposes it's if you swap the intake and carb you have the same build as a 442. I person oly love the sleeper aspect of the SX but Unfortunately they are grossly undervalued. At the same time a 74 nova isn't the most popular year. It'll probably come down to which car you love more. I just found a 70 that I'm about to dump 25K into that I know I'll never get back. But it's MY car and I love it.
Good luck.
The nova has been totally restored (the interior, frame, body and powertrain are #1).

My problem is that I have no idea how much the Cutlass SX is worth in it's current state. What could be a dealbreaker? ANy idea what this car's value (if it turns out it is a genuine 1971 Cutlass SX)?

By the way, thanks everyone for the answers, it is much appreciated.
I'd also agree that it's probably 127,000 miles. But not terrible if the suspension and body have been maintained.
I guess I have to ask the obvious.... How nice is this 74 nova? How much do you have into it? Because even if that's not a numbers matching car it's still one of the lowest number Oldsmobiles produced ever. It won't bring 442 or hurst numbers but it's still pretty cool. It has the extra fender braces and the emblems are in the right place so I'd lean towards saying it's an honest car. It'll probably come down to taste in the end. I think it's a beautiful start.
For Starters, without documentation, I would make sure that the block matches the VIN# for the car. From trunk picture, looks like a good deal of rust has been repaired. If true, then I would question the low mileage, and would also ask about all previous rust repair on the car. Also, seats have been redone, another red flag for such low mileage (and not redone in proper patterns either).
Hello everyone. I am interested in trading my Nova 1974 for a Cutlass SX 1971, but I want to make sure it is a real SX. I attached pictures to this post. I will ask for more pictures.

Here is the description he have me:
"Oldsmobile Cutlass SX 1971 2 dr ht, the Cutlass SX was only made in 70-71 and it has an original 455 rocket with 365hp and 510 lbs torque and a th400, 27500 original miles, full original, car is in really good shape, need some minor body works, rust free, under the car its like new. Has 2 flowmaster 2.5" and a brand new 1000 amp cold start crank optima battery."

What do you think? I already asked for a side view picture to see if the SX is at the right place.


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