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1970 Olds SX W-32 Matching Numbers
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Thanks John, I truly wanted the car, offered more than you negotiated and received mixed replies. As we all know the pedigree is the main thing with SX and the W-32 is worth a couple of thousand dollars if documented. The statement from Garrett that he was told it is a documented W-30 just relays the fact these people rely on emotion rather than facts. Pedigree, pedigree, pedigree...especially on an SX that needs documentation because numbers don't help. I moved on, bought a 1965 GTO, 3 deuces and a four speed with ac and documentation from day one. Cost more but books for four times what the SX does and has the necessary pedigree. FL obviously doesn't realize the necessity of documentation. Sad
Since I was able to inspect the car last July, I need to clarify what I found. I indicated it is a W-32 equipped SX based on the following:
The W-32 has a OG transmission code tag on the TH 400. The carburetor
number on the W-32 is 7040257. That is the carb number on this car. I have a photo to confirm. Trans Tag is harder to read, but looks more like G than D.
If it is a L-31 engine, the transmission code is OD and carburetor
number is 7040251. That is not what this car had.
The engine code is a casting number 396021 F and then the VIN
number is stamped into the block as 30M197113 which identifies that as the
#s matching engine. ( Last 6 of the VIN) match. I verified VIN on firewall tag.
The dealer BOS also indicated a 3.23:1 rear axle ratio, also indicative of a W-32.
I negotiated a price of $25300 with Tom Abbett at Fastlane in July 2013.
I examined the original dealer Bill of Sale that indicated SX package and optional 365 hp 4 bbl engine.
Codes were not included on Bill of Sale. The BOS, Protect-O-Plate and owners manual are only documentation shown.Fastlane seems to prefer to sell based on emotion, but was able to get the facts I asked for.
It is disturbing they still have the car. When my wife refused to buy the car, I posted the information to the club message board to inform others the car was available. I stopped investigating it when my wife refused to consider it. I recommend contacting previous owner and get details on who did the restoration and what was done.
Well said Brent. FL must like sitting on cars rather than selling them. Robert told me it's a 100% documented W-30 car... It's clear he has no clue what he has or anything about SX's.
When you sit on a car for close to a year it starts to get a stigma to it. They bounce around on the sale price when they are in the car right. It has been on ebay, craigs list and multiple magazines with no action and makes people nervous. I made them a good offer, a little more than they priced it to John last year and I got mixed information. A Robert answering emails said full price only, the salesman Nick was much more accommodating but still $2000 above what a documented W-32 is without documentation. Pedigree is everything in SX and they are just not very proactive. If I weren't 1100 miles away I would possibly buy it, but with the scams and cheaters anymore it is just not worth taking a chance. I have bought cars on ebay for fifteen years with excellent results until last year. Bought a 67 ragtop cutlass 442 clone that was represented as no rust, it was basically a donor car when it arrived. Honesty is not an easy commodity any more. It is buyer beware today folks, and I really looked hard but the people at FL seem to think they need a 70% markup to make a sale, and if you get into a collector car too high, you can never come out.
Bob confirmed it's been in the registry before Fastlane purchased as a non W32. "Original" Dealer invoice FL provided does not show a cost option for the w32 engine either. FL even not capable of emailing pictures of the engine serial or VIN stamping. FL does not advertise as a W 32 just 365 HP which can be L31 and they do not know what the difference is, curious how did you confirm it was a W-32?
Interesting. I stopped searching for info after my wife was against acquiring a collector car, so I did not complete my investigation. How did you get the original sales invoice? Fastlane had the original dealer bill of sale, but no window sticker or build sheet.
Unfortunately, in 1970, dealers provided limited info on the bill of sale. I ordered a new one back then, and I did not get window sticker either, just bill of sale describing the options without codes.
If you don't mind sharing the information, I would like to see a copy of the invoice.
Fastlane has all but a few of their cars in two indoor showrooms, and has had many of them for awhile.
Update, THIS IS NOT A W32 CAR , I have a copy of the original sales invoice and other pictures for anyone who is interested. IMHO looks like a thrown together car for resale that had and may still have rust issues....
Looks like a great car and has been for sale for a while, I'm interested
There is an excellent 1970 SX hardtop with matching numbers W-32 engine for sale. 40,000 miles since overhaul. It is well equipped and a good restoration. I have examined the car, but have not been able to convince my wife to buy any collector car. So, I would like to see this car preserved by another true SX fan that appreciates the car.
Here is link to website:
Contact Tom Abbett at Fastlane Classic cars and indicate you saw my recommendation. I was able to get price down to $25,350 despite the higher listed price, but could still not convince my wife to buy it. I checked out the car using the clubs identification information and found it to be a numbers matching W-32 equipped SX with good selection of options.
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