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2 1/2" exhaust system
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summit racing equipment sell 21/2' polished' stainless steel tips for $69.95 [pair]. not sure if you can get chrome ones', these are made by pypes should slip over 21/2'' pipe + can be clamped',welded or screwed on.summits part no is pye-evt34  please let us know how the new system performs thanks.

I have ordered and received a 2 1/2" mandrel bent system. I have not tried to install it yet because of some problems with my hands not wanting to do what I want, but I plan on getting the job done this summer.

My problem at this time is there a source for the correct exhaust tips for the 2/ 1/2" pipes or do I have to modify my existing tips?


On my numerous 70-72 Oldsmobiles, I've had stock 2" Midas-bent systems that banged on the floorboards and I've had a 3" Torque Tech system that had full clearance. It seemed to depend on the flexibility (over bumps) and spacing of the mounting pieces to some degree. I would not shy away from a 2.5" mandrel bent system - the pipe diameter in itself is not causing the clearance issue. p.s.: Jack - I just read the writeup on your car - very nice!
I would like to know if you got the problem solved. I am thinking of putting a 21/2 inch system on my SX.
The 2 inch system was make by a muffler shop and some of the bends are so small it looks like the diameter would be for a Honda.

The car is really restricted. Let me know thanks!
Have recently changed exhaust system over to 2 1/2" pipes but since doing so left exhaust pipe is constantly banging against the drivers floor no matter what kind of adjustments I make. My question is when the system has changed there was exhaust bracket on driver’s side near the front of the car. If I were to modify this bracket to except the 2 1/2" exhaust pipe might this resolve the problem. Just wondering if anyone else has run into this problem.
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