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Looking for 70 SX Hardtop
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No, not yet. I have looked at several, but have not reached a deal yet.

The car in Olathe looks really nice at that price - just saw pics on Needs new springs, but otherwise looks great. What's your status on buying an SX?
I just located a nice 70 SX hardtop in Galleon Gold in Olathe, KS that I am looking at. This comes very close to what I am looking for.

Terry and Kevin,

Thanks for continuing to watch for a 70 SX and suggesting the one Chad has in OK. I am also looking at a nice 70 SX in KY that did not meet reserve on eBay.

If you do talk to Chad about his bamboo/gold SX, I bought a really nice '72 Chevy pickup from him sight unseen several years ago and met him in person at Nationals last year. I'd have no qualms about buying from him again.
John, have you checked the "For Sale" section of this message board? Not the new For Sale section Bob added, but the existing For Sale section of this Message Board. Terry recently posted an ad from a guy named Chad in Oklahoma. His car appears to be similar to what you're looking for and certainly looks like a reasonable price. Also, he has a number of parts that can be negotiated into the deal if you like. Good luck to you.
Unfortunately, this was the car I was too late for on eBay that Bob had mentioned in the original post.
Somebody got a nice restorable and drivable SX for about $5200.

I like the new Cars for Sale feature on the site and will check it regularly.


Thank you for the input and suggestion. It is very much like the one I had back in 70-71. I will check it out further.

That is a *nice* looking original car at a really good price from what I can see! That's the kind of car you enjoy as is and tweak it over time. The fact that it's an original California car is a huge plus from a body/underside perspective. If you can reconcile yourself to having a bench/column shift car (no sin there), I would seriously consider taking a look at it if I were you.

I must have been too late to see it on e-bay, but I did find one at the following link:

Looks like it needs some work, but could be a good restoration candidate.

There is a gold one for sale on ebay right now.
I am looking for a 1970 SX Hardtop, preferably in gold or copper color with bucket seats and console.
I lost out to another buyer on the one listed in the For Sale forum 4-10-2010 in Kenosha, WI.
I bought one new 40 years ago this month, but had to sell it in 1971 when assigned overseas in the Air Force.
Now, I am looking for a similar one.
I regularly search the web, but have not found one yet.
Thank you,
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