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General Cutlass SX455 Q&A

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Nils Hallberg

71 Convertible restoration photos 9 54

Nils Hallberg

71 Convertible restoration 1 20

Harold Booker

Convertible Boot 4 31

Tom Trow

this is Tom I registered this car my SX supposedly I just noticed it has the double bolts by the hood for the reinforcement brackets but that's a 9 239

Ed Mackin

Looking for help validating an SX I my purchase 9 490

Nils Hallberg

started the restoration on my 71 convertible 6 138


bench seat frame 6 97

don chasteen

front fender braces and rear frame braces 2 50

don chasteen

determining if you have an sx car without numbers matching drivetrain 3 95

Harold Booker

Need Help With Possible Cutlass SX 3 169

Harold Booker

Need Help With Possible Cutlass SX 1 85

Vincent Pellegrino

Cutlass SX 12 499

Mark Halvorson

Full cowl tag decoder 3 134


Looking for the 1970 SX I purchased new. 2 141

JIm Paciorek

Numbers 3 355

Dominick Laborde

Possi traction 2 164

Dominick Laborde

HEI conversion 3 141

Matthew Zook

1970 w-32 numbers don't match 2 188

Matthew Zook

1970 w-32 numbers don't match 1 128

douglas spell

Just got this car..and verified block and tranny match vin. 308292 7 295